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We provide the widest selection of specialized courses available. Developed and taught by top industry consultants, all courses are based on the latest industry practices and updated regularly to reflect current technologies, trends, and issues. Find the courses you are looking for in the following areas of certification, software testing, agile development, software engineering, and Visual Studio®.

Testing Training Brochure Testing Training Brochure

Choose from over 25 courses, taught by expert instruction. Gain the knowledge to improve your software testing practices while building the critical skills that every Testing/QA Professionals needs!  Courses covering topics like: risk-based testing, agile testing practices, requirements-based testing, test design and much more…

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Software Tester Certification Brochure Software Tester Certification Brochure

Software Tester Certification is an accredited certification training course that prepares you for the ISTQB® Certified Tester—Foundation Level exam. Join the over 380,000 certified in over 100 countries around the globe.

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Agile Training Brochure Agile Training Brochure

Implementing agile development in your organization? SQE Training offers fundamental courses to help you acquire the skills and concepts needed to facilitate your team or projects’ transition to agile. Courses offered include: ScrumMaster Certification, Agile Tester Certification, Test-driven Development and many others.

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Requirements Training Brochure Requirements Training Brochure

Improve your skills and help your organization deliver a better software product to meet your customer's needs. Requirements training through SQE Training helps you learn how to build the right software the first time and how to use models to improve your requirements gathering and systems analysis.

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Visual Studio® Training Brochure Visual Studio® Training Brochure

Learn practical hands-on experience to further your testing practices using Microsoft Visual Studio®. These courses provides hands-on experience with the detailed Visual Studio® testing functions and new features including: work item tracking, version control, automated tests, Microsoft Test Manager and automated builds.

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