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Software Testing Training Week

One popular option for maximizing your skills training is to attend one of our Testing Training Weeks. Held several times a year, attendees choose from our most popular public courses to build a customized week of training. Choose from 16 specialized testing courses led by the industry's most respected and knowledgeable software testing/QA professionals. Attendees get the opportunity to build their own curriculum, network and learn from peers all around the country, and get one-on-one interaction with expert instructors with years of real-world experience.  Get the training you need to put your team over the top and provide a real return on your investment. The more training you take, the greater the savings. Combine a full week of training for the largest discount.

                     Upcoming Software Testing Training Weeks
                      City                                       Date                                   Early Bird Deadline
Attend    Boston, MA                          March 23-27, 2015                  Expired
Attend    San Diego, CA                    April 27-May 1, 2015               Expired
Attend    Chicago, IL                          June 1-5, 2015                       April 17, 2015

Give your team the skills they need to boost productivity, improve testing procedures, and help build better software. Combine courses in the same location to create a customized training week and maximize your investment.

Save up to $250 when you register by the Early Bird deadline for any Testing Training Week!