Consulting Services

SQE Training Consulting helps organizations achieve business results by delivering solutions with greater speed, flexibility, and quality than traditional approaches. Our consulting experts collaboratively work with leadership and teams to develop a customized approach to your organization’s unique needs while implementing industry best practices. Our experienced team of consultants have many years of real-world experience in developing, delivering, and deploying mission-critical software to market on time and on budget. We understand how to maximize return on investment, minimize unnecessary and outdated work processes, and mentor and coach teams, equipping them with the hands-on knowledge required to sustain the transformed work practices, tools, and new skills.
Our service areas include Agile Transformations and Development, DevOps Implementation, Software Security, and Software Testing and Automation. We provide expert assistance ranging from assessments to the formulation of software strategy through to the implementation of software best practices and tools. Request more information
Agile Transformation Services
  • Agility Assessments—Assess the agility of an organization’s people, process, technology, culture
  • Build and Pilot AgileDemonstrate agile success
  • Rollout & Scaling AgileScale agile across enterprise
  • Agile CoachingCoach and mentor teams and individuals
Agile Software Development Services
  • Agile Project EnvisionPlan an upcoming agile project
  • Secure Agile DevelopmentBuild critical software using agile
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery automation
  • Agile Engineering CoachingCoaching on XP-based methods
Agile Testing & Automation Services
  • Test Process Assessment—Assess & improve testing
  • Agile Testing & Automation—Outsourced testing
  • Integration of Testing and DevOps
  • Security Testing—Testing to identify vulnerabilities
DevOps Implementation Services
  • DevOps TransformationImprove business value streams
  • DevOps Pipeline ImplementationsCI/CD automation
  • DevSecOpsIntegrating security into DevOps
  • DevOps CoachingCoach teams and enterprise on DevOps principles
Software Security
  • Secure Agile Development—Integrate security best practices into an existing software development process
  • Security Assessment & Remediation—Assess software security posture and remediate identified vulnerabilities
  • Integrating Security Tools into DevOps
  • Security Testing—Static and dynamic testing to identify security vulnerabilities
Whether building a go–to–market strategy, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your software process, assessing your software for business risk, or delivering mission-critical code, SQE Training Consulting is focused on helping you ensure business results. Simply stated: we help teams and organizations develop and deliver better software.
For learn more on our expert consulting services, request more information or call 904.278.0524.