Agile Development

Businesses need the flexibility of an agile approach, but the safety of a rigorous software assurance framework. SQE Training Consulting proves the two aren’t mutually exclusive.
Today, businesses cannot afford to throw requirements "over the wall" to software development and hope for the best. Market and economic pressures demand that software development activities balance agility and quality, resulting in software projects that are flexible to changes in the market, predictable in their delivery, and successful in achieving business quality objectives.
SQE Training Consulting provides a unique approach to software development, combining agile engineering methods with a software assurance framework to achieve maximum business value from your software. Whether we are defining your requirements, delivering code, or automating your build and test process, SQE Training Consulting assures your software meets its business objectives.

Requirements Envisioning

SQE Training Consulting’s pragmatic adoption of the agile methodology allows us to arrive at a more flexible, actionable and defensible plan in weeks, not months. With a rare blend of business acumen, facilitation experience and technical depth, our consulting team will guide you through a rapid process of defining the highest business value requirements, selecting the best development tools and technologies, assembling a team and building a development-ready plan that is able to react to shifting demands.

Agile Software Development

Many development managers believe that process rigor and well-conceived system design are at odds with business agility and speed-to-market. This leaves their business partners in the difficult position of having to choose between software assurance and timely market delivery. Let SQE Training Consulting show you how to combine the flexibility and collaboration of agile development with time-tested application security and reliability best practices.

Development Operations (DevOps)

DevOps, driven by organizational necessity to rapidly produce and deploy software products and services, is the integration of development, quality assurance, and operations to create a culture promoting collaboration, communication and facilitating rapid value delivery. DevOps technologies focus upon automation for efficiency and to remove human error while increasing quality and reliability. DevOps uses lean principles to enable higher cycle frequency along with metrics to measure, refine and improve delivery and processes. Implementing these organizational and technical changes is challenging and requires expert training and support. Let us show you how to rapidly establish and leverage a DevOps culture so you can begin realizing the benefits today.

Program and Project Management

SQE Training Consulting believes that every successful initiative requires leadership with deep technical experience, the skills to facilitate open communication, and discipline to enforce best practices. Our project and program managers have this rare blend of skills, and are expert at blending leading-edge technologies with your domain-specific vision to form actionable delivery plans.

Agile Process Improvement

Improve your software development, software security and quality assurance processes using SQE Training Consulting's proprietary process improvement framework. We understand that the development of an efficient and repeatable process requires balancing the rigor of best practices with creative freedom for team members. Our consultants are expert at striking this balance as they tailor industry best practices to meet organizational and domain-specific demands.

Agile Development Training

Don't know how to get started? Whether your teams are exploring agile for the first time or need expert training in deeper agile concepts such as Continuous Integration or Test Driven Development (TDD) let SQE Training Consulting help. Our trainers will work with you to tailor a training program specific to your needs, and can provide a plan for adoption of the practices you've learned.
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