Development Operations—DevOps Implementation Services

DevOps, driven by organizational necessity to rapidly produce and deploy software products and services, is the integration of development, quality assurance, and operations to create a culture promoting collaboration, communication and facilitating rapid value delivery. DevOps culture includes communication, collaboration, and sharing. DevOps technologies focus upon automation for efficiency and to remove human error while increasing quality and reliability. DevOps uses lean principles to enable higher cycle frequency along with metrics to measure, refine and improve delivery and processes. Implementing these organizational and technical changes is challenging and requires expert training and support.

If your organization is new to DevOps or struggling with any part of DevOps implementation, SQE Trainin Consulting experts can ensure you get off on the right foot by:

  • Clarifying your organization’s goals and plan for DevOps implementation
  • Selecting proper unit and functional testing, security scanning, and code analysis tools
  • Supporting the deployment and integration of your CI/CD environment
  • Implementing dashboards for use by all initiative stakeholders
  • Process and tooling training and coaching for management, Project Managers, developers, testers, and operations engineers
  • Developing a process for the identification, prioritization, and remediation of issues discovered by implementation of SecureCI™ (our free open source CI framework and tool stack)

Needs Assessment and Roadmap Development

SQE Training Consulting brings a multidimensional approach to DevOps implementation that includes assessment and planning, education, pilot and implementation, and monitoring and adjustment to ensure optimal goal attainment and value delivery. Engagements begin with an assessment of organizational goals and identification of gaps in the organization, process, and technology. A prioritized plan/roadmap to value delivery success is created collaboratively with your organization and implemented. Education employed includes training, coaching and mentoring by agile and technology experts. Our technical consultants work directly with your organization to implement process changes and infrastructure automation, including testing, continuous integration, delivery and deployment. We help you build the capability to execute reliable, repeatable builds and deployments software on-demand while reducing delivery risk and unnecessary costs. Metrics are tracked to measure delivery throughput and identify areas for improvement. This is a process that has been proven successfully through our multitude of customer engagements in almost every industry vertical.

Our effective application of DevOps industry best practices including CI/CDel/CDep integration practices and open source tools provide greater confidence in producing a high-quality software product. With every build, your team has confidence that the software compiles and operates as expected, performs and scales, adheres to the project coding and design standards, and can be reliably and efficiently deployed. The result is solid deployable value.

Realize these Benefits

  • Creation of Business agility and increased value delivery
  • Improved IT alignment
  • Improved visibility and transparency
  • Increased collaboration and communication, removal of barriers
  • Increased quality, delivery and deployment reliability, reduced errors
  • Low-cost, valuable progress reporting and problem tracking
  • Reduced deployment and maintenance expenditures

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