Software Security

You've invested wisely and have a secure, hardened network. Is your software safe?

The people who attack your organization have grown beyond attacks that target your network and infrastructure. They have had to since most organizations have hardened their network. This means that attackers have started to attack the software your organization uses to interact with the world. The same powerful technologies that allow your company to differentiate and touch customers in new ways – web services, open standards, mobile computing – are the very targets of today’s hacker attacks. The dizzying complexity of applications in common use today are the new battlefield and represent the large majority of where new vulnerabilities are found and where security breaches occur.

In today’s world, the protection of information and applications is crucial to both government and commercial organizations. Cybersecurity is now an integral part of our national security efforts. Past events have shown how one security weakness in a single information system can have dramatic consequences not only for a single organization, but your entire enterprise. Recent studies show that 90% of IT threats come from exploited web sites. While there are many products built to monitor the security of applications in production, these products are not sufficient to protect your enterprise. Deep seated issues in software architecture, design, and implementation can still hide in an application for years, only to be exploited by cyber hackers and terrorists for malicious purposes. Effective Cybersecurity involves building software applications that are secure from the ground up.

SQE Training Consulting helps you secure your applications, data, and your enterprise. Our experienced consultants bring a deep knowledge of the identification, analysis and remediation of security threats within enterprise-level software. We show you how to bring security into your software life cycle, whether you use a traditional or an agile software development methodology, to secure your enterprise. Our philosophy is that security starts with requirements and is best when built into the application from the beginning.

SQE Training Consulting offers a wide range of security services for your enterprise:

Software Security Assessments

SQE Training Consulting brings our expertise to your enterprise to evaluate your current applications and determine their vulnerabilities. We work with you to understand vulnerabilities that are in your applications. We provide security assessments for your in-house, outsourced, off-shored, and GOTS/COTS applications.

Software Security Remediation

SQE Training Consulting works with you to protect your enterprise from vulnerabilities found through assessments or incidents. Our experienced staff works closely with you to remediate the findings of a security assessment so that those vulnerabilities are fixed and closed. Our experienced staff has experience with remediating software on a wide range of application platforms including J2EE and .NET applications.

Secure SDLC Improvement

SQE Training Consulting believes that the most secure applications are the ones in which security is kept in mind while the application is being developed. We understand how to bring security into your software development life cycle (SDLC), plus we can show you ways to improve your process.

Software Security Training

SQE Training Consulting understands that everyone involved with an application needs to understand software security. We train application owners, business analysts, program managers, project managers, software architects, quality assurance personnel, software engineers, and even the C-Levels about the importance of software security and their role in keeping the enterprise applications secure.

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