Software Testing and Automation

It's not enough to deliver software on time and budget anymore. Today's business applications are mission critical and must adhere to a variety of quality standards.
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) means more than ensuring that your systems don't contain defects, it encompasses a planned set of tasks, activities, and actions used to provide management with information about the quality of software so that appropriate business decisions can be made. Besides testing, software quality assurance includes verification & validation of software artifacts, software measurement, configuration management, and defect tracking. Our software quality solutions will assist you in optimizing and improving your software assurance capabilities while never losing sight of business value. Our Software Quality Assurance services include the following:

Agile Software Testing

Effective software testing is both rigorous and efficient. Waiting until the end of your development process to begin thinking about testing is a losing proposition. Agile software testing is about accelerating the testing process through direct interaction with the development team, applying a more risk-based approach and building a strong test automation capability.

Test Automation

SQE Training Consulting believes that test automation is not only possible, it's vital. SQE Training Consulting can show you that improved software quality can be achieved by appropriately introducing test automation into your existing development and test process. We have seen organizations reduce their cost of testing by 50% - 80%, for particular testing activities, by successfully implementing test automation.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V)

For large-scale, mission-critical software initiatives, a well-planned, well-executed IV&V program helps mitigate the risks of missing critical functional and technical requirements, while ensuring a standard of quality from the software that is produced. SQE Training Consulting has deep experience establishing and optimizing an IV&V process that is about more than checking boxes. Let us define, implement and execute an IV&V function on your large-scale, mission-critical engagements.

Test Process Improvement (TPI)

SQE Training Consulting can help you improve your testing process using a proven, rigorous improvement framework based on the industry standard TPI model. Because effective software testing can have a significant impact on the business value of software, organizations often seek ways to improve their testing process. Unfortunately, most improvement efforts are ad-hoc with no proven mechanism for measuring the impact and value of the results. By leveraging TechWell Consulting’s test process improvement experience you will be able to build and implement an improvement plan for your organization and maximize the business value of your testing efforts.

Software Test Training

Most software engineers, analysts, QA, and managers have not had formal test training. On the job training can improve skills but there is a science behind software testing much like software engineering that, if mastered, can significantly improve the effectiveness of your testing. SQE Training provides a complete curriculum for training your staff on effective testing.
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