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Find out how the practice of DevOps brings interdependence of software development and operations with greater speed and agility throughout the entire development lifecycle. Learn from industry experts how your organization can apply DevOps concepts to improve deployment frequency and time to market, reduce lead time, and more successfully deliver stable new features.

SQE Training offers courses on DevOps, which include industry best practices taught by industry leaders. Find out how your organization can take the journey to continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

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Software Testing Training Week

Software Training Week

Featuring up to 10 specialized classes, SQE Training’s Testing Training Weeks offer software professionals the opportunity to maximize their skills training by building a customized week of instruction. Courses are offered for QA, test, and other software professionals across the development life cycle and include topics such as agile, DevOps, mobile, test automation, test management, and more.

See What Our Students Have to Say

“I can safely say this is the best class I've taken.  It was worth every penny and I will be able to immediately begin using the principles and practices in my job.”
Cathy Frunz
Douglas County
“Agile seemed to be a buzz word to me, but after attending this class it really does apply to testing.  It gave me some great techniques and approaches to use when tackling my testing tasks for my project.  Some of the slides in the book were hard to read.  Check the slides in black and white to make sure they are easily readable.  FYI”
Michael Schaaf
Booz Allen Hamilton
“Excellent class!  I have been doing my own (book learned) TDD for years but Rob (Myers) did an excellent job of putting it all together in a cohesive whole. ”
Ric Parks
Wells Fargo